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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. you wonder why republicans are in trouble, this might prove it. no matter what john boehner says he is about it. he is not caving. just the stupid critics whining. health care thing they were all about killing they're all about fixing. it is true. after prodding by business groups, republicans indeed quietly gone along with a health care law change that expands coverage choices for small businesses. thinking behind the unusual voice voight without debate it make best of a bad situation. one republican likened squeezing lemonade about lemons this
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affords them more options on the coverage and who getting covered. republicans tell the associated press that also buys the party time, that it quote, reflect as calculation no matter how hard the party tries, the earliest the law can be repealed is after obama leaves office in 2017. maybe some making a bad law more pleasant in the meantime doesn't it make it easiers for you to repeal anytime and doesn't make a bad law and one that should be ripped from its roots not more time to take root. boehner says they got the better of democrats on this by allowing businesses to offer high deductible programs could be purchased by individuals who have these health savings accounts. it's a win-win, win, for those businesses their employees and republicans heap their party. i'm not so sure. not when harry reid is celebrating all of this. my rule of thumb when harry reid is happy about something i'm not. i know republicans feel they're trying to make the best after bad situation and a bad law but
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this makes killing that law that much harder and their political distinction from democrats that much harder to defined. you see it republicans are without a message they can run on and running out clock and hope the gains will run up huge wins late they are year. don't count on he it, i said some times. if our only thing is about killing obamacare and the latest thing you do is keeping obamacare alive, you republicans are already dead. did this fix put republicans in even bigger fix? former congressman and retired colonel, alan west and stephen moore. no less than ted cruz seen recently sucking up to. to say steve has got some juice is probably an understatement. you know ted cruz, one of the maverick, renegades in the party. , would he go for this? >> probably not.
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what i really agree with you on, neil, anything that harry reid is in favor of, probably means it is expansion and further engraining obama care into the system. i'm in favor of fixes to obama care that restricts it. there was a vote last week as you may recall in the senate to get rid of the 30-hour week rule and make it 40 hours a week, so less people are impacted by this law. that something i'm in very much in favor of. i'm in favor of getting rid of the medical device tax. but i'm not in favor of things that expand obamacare. that makes it harder to get rid of in the end. neil: alan west, my concern, whatever the reasons, and there might be perfectly good reasons to try to make this law right, anything they do to make it right, makes it harder to rip up and repeal later, doesn't it? >> you're absolutely right. one of the first things i have to ask, what is this law? can you even consider the law, when you think about the
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original thing signed into being law in 2010. what do which have today in 2014? here you have another example of something being done by voice vote, as you brought out with any type of debate. all these iterations, exemptions and delays, i don't know anyone knows out there when -- neil: as a former congressman, you know ways of the world certainly better than i. >> yeah. neil: was it done as way to provide cover to republicans to go back to their constituents we improve it for small business but we don't want to take too much credit because it looks like we're patching this thing alive for a little lger? >> anytime you have a voice vote you don't want the american people to know b you don't have any debate. people don't see anything on c-span. they don't have a time to contact legislators. one of the things when we were there we repealed the 1099 requirement on small businesses. that was signed into law. that was a very big thing.
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doesn't make any difference about high deductionable plans. you still have tax on health savings accounts as part of the affordable care act, as part of obamacare. there are 20 one new taxes there. you haven't made any difference whatsoever. you still have the individual mandate. the problem republicans have the american health care reform act. they have something that creates separation and delineation between them and democrats. they have countless amount of doctors. neil: focus on this. steve, isn't that the issue here? whatever their intentions, they're always nobody, i really think that, in the end they only shoot themselves in the foot? look, i think republicans have to do two things. they have to do what they have been doing, talk about repealing obamacare. as your fox polls show 26% of the people support that law. there is overwhelming support getting rid of it. i'm in the camp, you and i talked about this, republicans
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have to be the solutions party. they have to tell the american people what they will replace the law with. neil: ted cruz wouldn't get it to that point. ted cruz would say there is no hope for this thing. don't do anything to put something on life-support a little longer around. don't do it. >> that is not what i'm saying. neil: okay. >> it has to be fully repealed, this thing is so booby-trapped. what i am saying i'm not so sure you can't go to the old law. republicans have to provide americans -- neil: allen what do you think of that. >> this has to be free enterprise health system looks. neil: we're way past return to the station now, what do you make of that? >> that is the most important thing. we have to talk about what you're for, not what you're against. look at parts that are now acceptable. if their parents want to keep their child on their insurance coverage until 26, that's fine. we have to look at means to take care of preexisting conditions. we could have established
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high-risk pool from the government and subsidies targeted toward the individuals. that is better free market alternative but from there we have to talk about the other 2680 pages of law that is unconscionable, unthinkable, and unwieldy. what you get is 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies. a great place to talk is talk about the independent payment advisory board that will make all the decisions about medicare and they're unelected bureaucrats. neil: gentlemen, we'll see very, very closely. thank you. meantime, coming up, what is this woman doing in golf magazine? what if i told you selling a lot of magazines? what if i told you after this picture, not this particular picture, this one, no more selfie's? i'm fine with her photo. i want to see more like it. i'm not so fine with this photo. i'm happy to say that might be the last of it. why is a judge saying that the president is full of it, not
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neil: you ever wish you could wave a wand and make the inequality gap disappear? if you're barack obama you can. not with a wand but with an executive ord. the president doubling down his record-setting decrease from the white house, today issuing two new executive actions demanding equal pay for women. never mind he should first look at pay gap within his own administration. judge andrew napolitano doesn't like this presidential fiat legislation. this is big theme of his. now the administration says we're well behind the pace of our predecessor. so what are you kvetching about? >> well, the congress has given him authority to do this the president can actually tingewer contracts that the federal government has entered into and say to the outside contractor, you have to employ x-percent of minorities. tough pay women more money than you're paying them or we're going to stop paying you.
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normally if you and i enter into a contract one of us can not unilaterally change the terms of the contract. but congress per its in the p president to do that. neil: all contracts, right. >> yes. they didn't give this president the power to do it. prior congresses gave presidents all power to do it. when congress complains about it, congress could stop it with the stroke of a pen. the issue is he doing the right thing? is he making an economic judgment but he is making a social judgment couched as an economic judgment? question, shouldn't the free market determine what people are paid? if the contractor can get services of class of people less for what the president thinks they should be paid, that should be between the contractor and people he is hired. stated differently the president of the united states of america is in the worst position to be telling private business what they should be paying their employers. congress hasn't done it. if there were a federal law that said, women have to be paid the same as men, under the
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constitution, congress can do that under the commerce clause. under the constitution, the president can not do it on his own and that is what he is doing. neil: what if the president says, really supplying future federal contractors a limited pool of people and contracts. i have no control over what the private sector does any can maybe jawbone them, a la teddy roosevelt to change things but it is not going to happen? i'm just laying out powers i believe i have with the federal workforce? >> answer, it is for the congress to do. the senate this week is considering legislation that would mandate equal pay for men and william. i don't think that legislation will pass but it would be prerogative of the congress. why? because of the constitution. you remember that piece of paper i spend so much time defending. neil: you make a big deal of that. >> the constitution gives the power to regulate interstate commerce to the congress, not to the president. neil: what if the president comes back, i'm trying to get
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doubts of all doubts i shouldn't have to say women and men are paid equally, maybe in this environment where that gap is growing i guess i should. you say what? >> mr. president, do it in your own house? why is it women in the white house are paid 88 cents on the dollar men are paid for comparable work? there he can control all pay with the stroke after pen. he is doing it because he really wants it done or politically prove dengal thing at the moment. neil: he will throw things like prove den shall. >> just popped into my head. neil: perfect score on the s.a.t. 1600. i got 16. >> it was so long ago, exactly. maybe because he called it obamacare but nancy pelosi is turning on one robert gibbs. wait until you hear what got her steamed. apparently he never called her a saint. first you got the dough, you can spend as much as you want to make a political point.
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neil: well to hear the left tell it the supremes simply sinned. evil rich guys won. supreme court ruling in favor of wealthy pacs and individuals contributing as much money as they want in political races or for political causes quoting chief justice john roberts there is no right in our democracy no more basic than right in participating our elected leaders. with me now the man whose lawsuit brought this decision our home.
11:19 pm
we have sean mcsuch shun. congratulations to you. why did you take it this far and why did you think it was important to raise before no less the supreme court? >> well, again, i got active in politics about five or six years ago and it is just based on wanted to see things better, change things for the world to be better. decline in family and friends not finding jobs and not the jobs they want if they find one and definitely not the pay they want. so that's what it's about. changing the world for the better. neil: all right, now those on the left say this made the world worst but i always think there are plenty of rich guys on the left, george soroses and others who will spend big sums to get their way and then have it, right? this affords those on the left the same opportunities, does it not? >> sure, absolutely. democrats, republicans and independents all can donate more to more candidates, campaigns and parties.
11:20 pm
neil: do you see the flip side of it though? some people say that guys not as wealthy or as influential as you, kind of take a back seat to the guys like you and the george soroses and that because you have more money, you automatically have more clout and that's what worries folks? what do you say? >> well this is about free speech and disseminating ideas in the political marketplace. ideas to, make things better and change things. everybody hears the ideas. these are transparent donations made by, you know, people practicing free speech in the marketplace. this is america. you know, regardless of economic status, all americans are entitled to free speech. it es very important. neil: all right. so you dismiss the concerns of others that it puts power in the hands of a select few, who could decide races like all these republicans right now who seem to try to court favor with sheldon adelson in las vegas to see if he will give them money?
11:21 pm
you might find the same thing, i don't even know, but do you worry about that? do you worry they come tripping over themselves to get your money, to get your attention, to win your favor? >> no, sir, i do not no worry about it. this is money spent on communications outside the government. i see it as a victory where we're moving some, we're moving away from the government electing itself which is always going to be the se thing. this, we want to move away from the status quo and back to more freedom and you know, a more competition in the process. i mean, it's, to me, it is just a basic american fundamental right and i look forward to seeing it play out. neil: as i said at the beginning, if the left had problems with it, it affords the same rights to the soroses and those on the left, right. >> correct. it is just about supporting more candidates, parties and committees. it is about, it's about the aggregate limits, not the base
11:22 pm
limits were overall limits. so you can support as many candidates, committees and pacs, spend your money however you choose. neil: who do you like then, shaun, if you had to make early bets on 2016. >> well, i'm still looking at all the candidates. i don't even think they're all in the race yet. there are some this time and i would like to see a lot of competition and, you know, i'm excited about several of them i have heard so far. neil: who? >> rand paul. scott walker. neil: interesting. >> marco rubio. those are i have been look at. neil: what about chris christie? >> well, i haven't been looking at him as much lately but maybe i will look at him again, i don't know, all right, shaun. thanks for not tipping your hand but obviously moving the needle. sean mcsuch shun brought about this supreme court decision. did i mention that critics are going crazy over this golf magazine cover?
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>> i don't know who his clients are, what his perspective is but we are celebrating the fact that we have over seven million who have signed up. neil: well that is nancy pelosi taking a not so subtle dig at former white house spokesman robert gibbs and gibbs' view the employer health care mandate has to go because businesses can't make it a go. she said that gibbs is tainted by his new money masters. michelle masters said pelosi could do worse than listen to the money masters.
11:27 pm
ford o'connell joins us as well. what do you make of that? gibbs saying look, rethink the mandate thing and nancy pelosi will have none of that thing? >> well, look i think that it's not a crazy suggestion. the administration has already delayed the mandate twice. so that in of itself an admission they know it doesn't work. for pelosi to try to suggest that perhaps he is making this and criticizing the obamacare because of his clients or because he is being paid to, it just shows how out of touch she is with america and how americans feel about obamacare because a lot of americans know this mandate will be bad for business. neil: hello hath no fury, think about it, ford, a democrat slightly wandering off the reservation. i guess you have to apply to republicans sometimes. the fact of the matter they were all singing from that same choir, both on the mandate, saying forced coverage thing. you better, suck up a penalty if you don't go along with this thing. now you have someone prominent like gibbs who says, well, we
11:28 pm
might want to rethink at least some things. what do you think of this and how damaging it could be? >> i think robert gibbs is getting paid to tell the truth, neil, to be perfectly honest with you. growth is the biggest barrier to american economy and employer mandate basically discourages growth within small and medium-sized businesses. it is disincentive to hire. americans need jobs and employers need to grow. robert gibbs is right. i think you will have to tweak as written rightate. now. neil: he is knowing from business america that it is not cutting it the way it is now. anyway, guys, from a pelosi gibbs dig to selfie be ban. dan pfeiffer weighing on ortiz, samsung selfie controversy. look. >> he obviously didn't know anything about samsung's connection to this and perhaps maybe this would be the end of all selfies. neil: all right. so michelle, now they want to ban them because, overpromoting
11:29 pm
looks unseemly. this is from the same group that did everything under the sun to promote a health care law featuring everyone from lady grawe ga to -- lady gaga to lebron james. they they have had it. >> what the company did was shameless but to ban selfies. neil: samsung took this as a chance to promet its phone and products but it might be shameless but admirably shameless, so touche to samsung but go ahead and finish up. >> it is everyone's dream to take a picture with a u.s. president to ban that forever i think is little dramatic. it is unfair they would do that or even think about it. neil: ford, i don't like this whole selfie thing. i didn't know what it was years ago. >> what? neil: you take a picture of yourself and now made it so easy that you can. i think we stopped the whole phenomenon with or without presidents. that is just me. what do you think, ford. >> i agree with you, the selfie
11:30 pm
is sad commentary on society to begin with and corporate selfie winds up cheapening the president and white house. >> you're acting like old guys. >> this is red line the president could enforce and should. we need to be perfectly honest and move on. he has been lax and he is in this situation and it is his own fault. neil: it is your generation that corrupted this. it is about me, me, me, and take a picture of me, me, me. i'm saying stop, stop, stop. >> it is good and nice and social media allows me to share it. don't be so old, neil. neil: you are so guaranteed this is your final appearance. ford, what i worry about with all of this is, the hypocritical element to michelle's earlier point, if you're going to have a problem with someone seizing and promoting off what you're doing it is a little late for the white house to make that same argument appeared on every possible web show, comedy show, talk show, to rather tacky
11:31 pm
promote a law just not jibing with viewers, listeners, what have you. you're not making the most convincing argument is all i'm saying. >> oh, i actually disagree with you because i don't think it matters which party is in the white house. think at end of the day this is about protecting the integrity of the president. frankly, neil. neil: really? >> wait a minute. >> come on. neil: finish that thought. >> you can't control who uses these pictures and how they do it. therefore you have a bright line rule. whether you're on the presidential campaign trail or in the white house there is designated photographer for this stuff, neil. they created this -- >> this is self-promotion. he is the king of self-promotion. this is hypocritical for him to be upset when someone uses same tactics. >> michelle i agree with you, but at end. day this is bad are to the white house period. >> how so? how is it bad? it made him look cool that he took the picture and made the company look bad? >> no it did not make the company look bad. samsung looks great. the david ortiz looks great.
11:32 pm
president looks terrible. neil: when i try to do that take pictures of me, because my family will never take pictures of me at family vacation because i have to prove i was there with them, mine look horrible. touche to ortiz for pulling it off. i guess as you say it could be the end. meantime, hey all of you greedy fat cats. listen up and just pay up. sure beats lose everything from the neck up. why the latest assault from the wealthy in america feels like a similar assault on the wealthy in france. as michelle will tell you, i was in in another century. ♪ i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours.
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11:36 pm
either way you are narrowing the income gap. wilbur ross isn't convinced our solution is much better than the french plan a few centuries ago. wilbur, great having you. >> good to be on. neil: i argue, all kidding aside, there is no way to artificially force this issue and to force the math in your favor. >> well, i think this is as irrational as obamacare. the fact is government can't create real projects that solve real problems. neil: i always wondered too, wilbur, if you're adding this burden to businesses, whether it is talking about pay, pay women more in the work place or, first of all i would suggest the white house consider doing that within its own outfit, but raising minimum wage, demanding more overtime, and then taxing the hell out of the rich to get your way to forcibly narrow that gap, is it really moving the needle, or is it making it tougher for businesses to ever hire people? >> well, it may help a few people get a little more out of
11:37 pm
their jobs but it is going to cost jobs. so fewer people will have the jobs. so all it is really doing is moving one person up a little and another one down a little. i don't see how that is a net-net addition to anything. and meanwhile, the confusion that it creates for business, surely slows the economy. neil: here's their flip answer to that, wilbur. that while, you pay those folks more, they're going to spend more which will benefit the economy, which is going to prompt businesses to hire more people. so wilbur ross is wrong and the proof is in the putting with prior hourly wage increases, that there was a knee-jerk opposition to it. and then the economy improved despite it. maybe because of it and we looked back okay. >> well the fact that the prior ones didn't kill the economy doesn't tell you that the next one won't. at some point, you get to where the thing falls over. so, i don't think that, looking
11:38 pm
back is that useful any more than the french revolution as you point out, they used the guillotine. if it worked well, why does hollande keep raising taxes. neil: it changed the divide pretty quickly. all of sudden the gap was lowered because the rich were gone. >> it lowered bottomeddy, i wonder if this is all that different, if you can make a whole class of people look and seem evil and that their wealth is due to ill-gotten gains, how different is that than treating them like marie antoinette and let them eat cake? >> right. neil: you can force this image they deserve to be taxed through the nose, if not humiliated in public, right? >> america used to be an aspirational society when i was a kid growing up, we all assumed, and it was generally true, that you could do better than your parents. that was kind of the working
11:39 pm
assumption. no longer is. but i think the real reason for it is not the evil rich people. there are rich people when i grew up and not so rich. difference is educational system. i went to public school through grammar school. and in those days you really learned something, really prepared you for later on. the kids who weren't going to go on academic route, they had what they called, manual training, shop, taught them other useful skills. so at the end of the day everybody was better off than they were before they went into school. now with people like de blasio knocking out charter schools that hurts the very people who are trying to to get ahead, the poor people. and you saw the protests. there were no rich people protesting the end of the charter schools. it was poor people. neil: very good point. >> rightly so. rightly so, very good point. he is referring to new york mayor bill de blasio, who is not
11:40 pm
exactly quickly winning friend and and fans. wilbur, always a pleasure. >> good to be with you, neil. neil: this is wayne gretsky's daughter on the cover of "golf magazine." why are so many female golf pros why are so many female golf pros calling her a hockey puck? why is our arizona-based company relocating manufacturing to upstate new york? why are so many female golf pros calling her a hockey puck? i tell people it's for the climate. thnditions iw york ate are grfor business new yos ranked # in theion for new priv se job creatio and now itven better tup new yo becadozens ox-free zon where businesses pay no taxefor ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at
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neil: all right, in tonight's biz blitz, when female golf pros get rough, get rough. anyway, all over this picture, clearly intended to make golf magazine sell more magazines. at issue, paulina gretsky's even in that magazine. female players say it demeans women. male players don't seem to have a problem with it, even if it does. which brings us back to this.
11:44 pm
is this any way period to sell magazines? i mean, what is next, shooting kate upton in zero gravity for "sports illustrated." i mean -- scratch that one. sandra smith. jared levy here. sean ghailani on the latest battle of the sexes playing out of all things in a golf magazine. sandra, they're upset because they say this demeans women, does it? >> well, yes, really -- neil: here we go. >> hey -- neil: thank you, helen ready. >> show a video of kate upton, right, neil. neil: i did not do that. >> i am -- neil: there we go. >> all about ratings and profits. this is no different. you have no reason to be showing kate upton right now. neil: she sold a lot of magazines. >> in zero gravity. neil: she sold a lost magazines. >> put this gal on the cover of "golf digest." she didn't play governor as i understand it. she is dating or engaged to a golfer, a professional golfer. neil: she is wayne gretsky's
11:45 pm
daughter, right. >> she is wayne gretsky's 25-year-old daughter, right. neil: fine. so he was hock kirks right? not remotely golf. >> he was hockey. lpga say what about us? a handful of women have been featured on this magazine since it made a debut in 1950. neil: fair enough. >> and here a non-golfer. neil: could have been miniature golf. for all i know she likes miniature golf. sean, what do you make of this? >> i think it is a tempest in a teapot. the "golf d digest" people are trying to sell magazines. that is their interest. having pauline narcs the beautiful one on the cover, i think will sell more magazines there. is not any problem with that. i do understand the lpga's position. there are enough women on the cover. i would like to see more professional golf women on the cover. if we're going to judge the book by the cover. see had you how the sales are, if is is good for golf it will be great for the lpga period. neil: it is creating more
11:46 pm
controversy that "golf digest" magazine thought. if core base, a women readers take offense. >> yes. here are the number. six million subscribers. 81% are men which means that hey, you're pleasing 345 majority of your audience. frankly i think other way to look at this, there are plenty of talented and beautiful lpga players. they probably didn't want to pose scantily-clad on the front page of -- >> that is how they have to pose, jared. they have to take their clothes off to be on the cover? what are you saying? neil: she is dressed all the time. >> awful. shame on you. >> some of them have not -- >> i am a neil. i am a golfer. it is not because i think it is wrong what they did. i'm just not interested and picking up to buy that magazine because i would read that magazine to learn about a golfer and his tactics. neil: we'll pass the cover and you will. >> i digress. neil: i'm a golfer too. when i get a hole-in-one on the
11:47 pm
windmill at the end, i, no? that is not it? i knew that would bring out the helen ready. from golf magazine to mozilla, there is a company still getting clubbed. its former ceo is still out because used on traditional marriage. not really keen on gay marriage. the company really never been better of this now millions are taking to the internet and social media sites to let it be known that they think he got railroaded. we're not here to debate whether he weighs. just the fallout for mozilla's web business since. i think, sandra, it has been a huge distraction for a company that can't afford them. >> this is problem for politicians. this is problem for business leaders. he was a very capable business leader, who is no longer at the helm. it was a major loss for the company. this brings up a very, very important question about whether or not they should be allowed to share their political beliefs. answer, should be yes, they should be able to share their
11:48 pm
political beliefs. should they govern their company -- neil: whether it is politically correct, sayings things for traditionally marriage is not politically correct. >> should have nothing to do with the way he governs and leads the company and the people within the company. neil: fair enough. jared levy, did this signal to you that ceo's have to be very, very careful then what they say because apparently what he was doing was, he was doing a good job, but this came back to haunt him and maybe a word to the wise, shut up? >> well, don't forget about the core of the company. it's a grass-roots, company, not-for-profit. they're there to make the user experience better to be equal to everybody. neil: we should, firefox, it is a search engine. and i'm just wondering -- >> it's a search engine. neil: search the word fair. what is fair about the treatment that he got? >> you know, it is, double-edged sword, right? on one hand, no, it wasn't right. on the other hand putting themselves out there, okay, we're totally open and totally cool with everybody, namely
11:49 pm
really cool, hip, people. we're more liberal -- neil: see, sean, i'm open to making money and. >> yeah,. neil: short of being gunk today din i really don't care what your political views. like apple's ceo lecturing people if you don't believe in the green technology don't invest with me. fine. that is your opinion. does it have a place here. >> it does not have a place in business. everyone should be entitled to their opinion. i don't think it matters whether a political opinion is left, right, in the middle or someone's religious beliefs are left, right or in the middle. as long as they're capable of moving the company forward as an investor. this issue gone to far. this political correctness is he left or right there. is no center anymore that unfortunate. >> throw wayne gretsky's daughter in there, as long as she doesn't have political beliefs she will share with everybody. she must be capable, obviously
11:50 pm
you're intolerant. >> i'm about capitalism. neil: you're about being selectively tolerant. because i have no idea what that means. >> oh, guys. neil: she is about to cop a tude. seriously, guys, thank you very, very much. meantime what is the difference between obama care fans and new york mets fans? now, i say both are loyal to pretty much hopeless causes but only one group has to the remotest chance of winning. which one do you think that is? after this.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
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a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. neil: what's the deal with the obamacare numbers which are real, which are fake? we told you they didn't add up.
11:54 pm
once again for those of you who are confused, apparently many in the white house are, here is arrived at 1.2 million actually net new enrollees. we went with the administration number, 7.1 million signed up for obamacare. but we had to deduct the 4.7 million previously insured. in other words, if you're already insured you're not new to this. that leaves us to 2.4 million. half of whom have not paid, bringing you to 1.million which is the gal number of new enrollees. keep in mind as well, we left out millions more who lost coverage or paying more for coverage and just as well we left out the administration's claims that number is extremely low because we left out those who signed up for medicaid and the like as a result of the obamacare law. on both extremes we left out extraneous information and kept numbers as we saw them, simple to the point. neil, sorry to say, but the media will never give a guy from fox any respect, even if his numbers are rock solid.
11:55 pm
the fox guy will always have rocks in his head. your big skull doesn't help matters any. no amount of explaining from obama care architect john grouper is changing your minds. james, from texas, in our discussion with john gruber said 5.4 million people now insured at end of last year. now had health insurance. he failed to say how many of those 5.4 million had health insurance but lost it before the end of the year due to obamacare. he was spin something fast i'm surprised he could change in his chair. we went back and forth. we tried to keep the numbers very vanilla. many disagreed not to. chip emails, chip made you look like a goober. he had facts and heart, you had heart and seemed heartless. evelyn, says gruber looks like used car salesman and not that you are many. i overdosed on sleeping pills just watching. let's hope the pills were covered by insurance.
11:56 pm
just want to be safe. pat in north liberty iowa, neil i like to suggest you ask this question of everyone who is dwindling obamacare. if you're so happy and excited about obamacare, are you currently covered by it? ann emails, saying that obamacare is efficient and financial prudent like buying a new car to fix a flat tire. and do not give the government any ideas. this could take "cash for clunkers" to whole new level. claire from lake jackson, texas. i watched your clips of nancy pelosi defending obama care. watching her repetitive behavior coupled with manic grin, just what drugs is she on? bob bob says, i find it said young people supported obama were duped that this man would find great jobs for all of them. kelly on facebook writes, cavuto or obama, who has best record for telling the truth? i will have to go with neil cavuto. sound like you were kind of thinking about it. roberto tweets, you're the best straight interviewer on tv, heir to tim russert on my book.
11:57 pm
repeat the question until it is answered. i'm very flattered. unless i get a big head, figuratively big head there is alicia because she is not buying any of this your questions are silly. your suits are silly and your hair is silly. people that watch you, that is ship. technically they're silly. just not right, non-reference. but apparently you're among those people, so. doug, the gmail, writes, i have been watching you since i was maybe 16 or so, i'm 46 now. you have used the saying thou does protest enough and hope springs eternal over a gazillion times. if i hear those word come out of your mouth one more time i may just hang myself and it will be your fault. please save me and stop the madness. doug, first off, if you heard these lines a gazillion times, get them right. it is dow doth protest, but hope springs eternal you will get
11:58 pm
them right. thanks for sticking with my the past few decades. keep the set off. cavuto i don't know why i keep watching you but it might have something to do with how remarkably prescient you've been regarding all the bailouts with obamacare and recently hot air, startups you're solid. i didn't say now and then you still can't sound stupid and certainly look stupid but you are certainly solid. why can't you compliment me? why do you have to take the rug out? anyway, yahoo!, if you were a smartphone you would be the hottest seller in the market by far. and that is not only because you have the biggest screen, if you know what i mine. no, tamara, i have no idea what you mean, thank you very much for watching. until i kind. i have a feeling what you're saying. in meantime, one woman worried, tweets, i need to find this fox business. well, you're watching it. mike tweets, repeal neil cavuto and replace him with what? and bill out in sarasota, florida, is thinking of
11:59 pm
repealing the new york mets, especially when a player misses three days to be with his wife for the birth of his child and get awe upset. if the met as success hinges on one player missing two or three games. they have bigger problems. family first. case closed. lizzie, via gmail. can your wife have a baby so you can take the rest of the year off? really? done, via at&t. cavuto, who are you to criticize mets fans. are they the same neanderthals that watch your show? does that include, don? i would cool it on the mets jokes, your job couldn't look too secure to me. up until you started bashing him you were a shoo-in for the next big met. not happening now, lung head. you better hope the kool-aid guy isn't a mets fan or you're screwed. what is the kool-aid guy? i am running out of possibilities. maybe i could always go do the
12:00 am
go line commercials. i take that back, mr. met. and, kool-aid. or anyone with a big head. ion kennedy: we talk a lot about your liberty, because, it is quite attractive, what happens when your liberty shows and gets you fired? we live in a time where important issues have been hijacked by extremes but when did we lose the ability to hash things out and call ont a draw. i certainly disagree with those who hail against gay marriage, but what if the boot stomping on your neck were on the other foot, what if your views fell out of favor, and your single donation, that edyou made got your ass the boot?


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